Getting started

Create a chatbot

Create a chatbot

Create a chatbot and configure your AI model to use for your responses. Interact with your chatbot and view external conversations on your chatbot.

Creating Your Chatbot:

Upon signing up for our service, an initial chatbot is automatically generated for you. This initial version is based on the GPT-3.5-Turbo model and comes without any custom training specific to your needs. You can begin interacting with and training your chatbot immediately through the main chatbot page, which serves as the main testing area for your chatbot interactions.

AI Model Selection:
  • Choose an AI model to power your chatbot. The choice of the model influences the chatbot's capabilities and performance.

  • Available Models:

    • GPT-3.5-Turbo:

      • This model offers a balance of speed and accuracy, making it suitable for general purposes.

    • GPT-4-Turbo:

      • The latest in AI technology, providing enhanced understanding and more nuanced responses. Ideal for complex queries and sophisticated interaction.

    • Note: More models are in development and will be available soon.

Interaction Views:
  • Internal View:

    • Functionality: This is your personal testing ground where you can directly interact with your chatbot. It's a private space to ask questions, test responses, and evaluate how your chatbot handles source data.

    • Usefulness: Perfect for training and fine-tuning your chatbot before it interacts with your customers.

  • External View:

    • Functionality: Here, you can monitor the interactions your chatbot has with visitors on your website. This view only shows conversations that occur within the chat widget embedded on your website(s).

    • Benefits: Observing these live interactions provides valuable insights into the types of questions and conversations your website visitors engage in. This information is crucial for continuously improving your chatbot's responses and overall effectiveness.