Getting started

Search Bar

Search Bar

Enhance your application's usability with the chatbot search bar feature, allowing users to quickly find resources using the Command + K shortcut or direct link searches. This guide covers setup, configuration, and new features to optimize user experience.

Configuration & Customization

Accessing Settings

Navigate to the "Search Bar" section within the application settings to adjust the search bar's features.

Enabling the Search Bar

Toggle the "Search Bar State" to enable (Enabled) or disable (Disabled) the search bar functionality.

Customization Options
  • Search Bar Placeholder Text: Define the prompt text for the search bar, e.g., "Search".

  • Label For No Results: Customize the message for no search results, e.g., "Oops! No results found, please search for something else."

Remember to save your changes to apply any updates.

Chatbot Interaction

This allows the users to communicate with the chatbot from the search bar so if they can't find what they are looking for they can ask the chatbot for a response.

Link Data Quality

For optimal search performance, ensure link titles and descriptions are updated and detailed. The search bar uses this metadata to return relevant results.

Upcoming Features
  • Pinned Links: Soon, users can pin important links to always display them prominently in search results.

Best Practices
  • Keep link metadata accurate and informative.

  • Utilize pinned links for easy access to key resources (available soon).

  • Activate chatbot Q&A for enhanced user interaction through the search bar.

By following these guidelines and utilizing the search bar's full capabilities, you can significantly improve navigation and resource discovery within your application.