Getting started

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Efficiently capture potential leads and contacts directly through your chatbot by configuring the lead generation form. This guide walks you through enabling, customizing, and managing lead capture for future engagement.

Enabling Lead Form

Toggle "Lead Form State" to Enabled to activate the form within the chatbot interface.

Form Customization
  • Intro Message: Begin with a prompt, such as "Please add your contact information in case we get disconnected."

  • Form Fields: Enable or disable fields for collecting essential contact details. Typically, the "Email" field is set to Active, while others like "Name", "Phone", and "URL" can be adjusted based on necessity. Add custom fields if specific information is required, setting labels, messages, and character limits as needed.

  • Completion Message: Set a friendly note for after form submission, e.g., "Thank you! We will get back to you shortly."

Trigger and Data Handling
  • Form Trigger: Define how often the form appears, such as after a certain number of messages.

  • Data Endpoint: Specify the endpoint URL for sending collected data, e.g.,

Managing Leads

All leads captured via the chatbot's form are accessible under the "Contacts" tab, allowing for easy review and follow-up.

Best Practices
  • Use a clear and engaging intro message to encourage form completion.

  • Keep form fields to a minimum to reduce user effort.

  • Ensure the completion message clarifies next steps or expectations.

  • Regularly update the form based on user interaction and conversion data.

Efficient lead generation within the chatbot streamlines contact collection while keeping users engaged, laying the groundwork for future interactions.